Biography of Ron Solebello

About 55 years ago Ron wanted to learn to play the sax.  His music teacher and mentor at the time  
convinced him to learn the clarinet first, which would enable him to master the sax at a faster pace.  
His teacher was not only right, Ron said, but it started him on his musical career that he would learn to
love and enjoy for life.  Throughout his high school and college years he  played clarinet, alto and tenor  
sax, the flute a bit of bass and keyboards in local symphony orchestras, jazz bands and of course rock
and standards groups. He learned to write, play and enjoy all genres.  

Ron's most memorable and enjoyable years were when his group, The Chymes, was picked up by an
agent and they became the standard opener and backup for many of the 50’s and 60’s rock groups in
the tri-state area, (New York/New Jersey/Connecticut).  They became second liners to the Duprees, the
Four Tops, Little Anthony, Frankie Lymon, Randy and the Rainbows, Martha and the Vandellas, the
Ronettes, the Drifters, the Shirelles and many others. They opened all the Seaside Jersey boardwalk
clubs in the 50’s and 60’s, along with some other fabulous groups of the day, and played a number of   
“rock hops” with WINS Radio Personality in New York,
Cousin Brucie and also hosted the controversial
Soupy Sales.  Their Friday’s were dedicated to the local rock station in New Brunswick, NJ, for whom  
they recorded their own arrangements of the era, like Harlem Nocturne and Tangerine to an upbeat,  2/4
blues rhythm while advertising their rock show schedules on air.  

On off days, Ron did side gigs with local jazz clubs and some trio and quartet work with Frank Sinatra’s
piano player
Bill Miller and jazz drummer Les DeMerle when they were in town.  Ron’s later years toned
down, playing for dances, weddings, and Elvis impersonator shows, as he settled into a family life with
his wife and children, whom he adores.  

Ron kept on playing for a while and began to give lessons then finally retired his “Lady” Selmer Mark VI
along with his Selmer flute, Buescher alto and Normandy LeBlanc ebony clarinet.  He may be out of the
circuit but not out of touch, he continues to listen, enjoy and blurt out a tune whenever the mood strikes.  

Ron says, he may never became one of the greats but is thankful for all the experiences of having played
with many of them and in his own way, providing others with the joys of music.

The Virginia Bazaar has a special place in my heart, as they always made me feel like I wasn't an
Elvis Impersonator by treating me as if I was the "
King" himself.   I performed 6 shows in 2 days
from 2002 until 2009, when the economy put a stop to doing business as usual.  

Testimonials from them
Joe in Nashville, Tn 8/7/2010 - Click to enlarge
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Elvis impersonator, impersonator, Elvis impersonator in Virginia, Virginia Bazaar, Mean
Woman Blues, Young And Beautiful, Patch It Up, Snowy Christmas Night, On A Snowy
Christmas Night
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I don't know whyinnahell nesda waited so long to ask him to perform but he was worth the wait!     
You close your eyes and you can't tell the difference from the "Real" Elvis.  My wife says that  he      
has all the "Moves" right, too - Now, I have to admit that I don't look too closely at the "moves" of     
men's bodies, but apparently
SHE does ! (something we'll have to talk about!)   Another thing we'll have to        
talk about is those two making out
Right in Front of Me !    (Shameless Hussy!)         I can't say enough       
about Joe's Act.  If you want to learn more, visit his web-site
Where you can listen to some samples (click on "Jukebox") & Buy the CD's if you like em As for
me, I think I'll close my shop and get a job as Joe's "Roadie"...  Hey Joe - You need an "Audio Man?
But the high point of the whole trip was the show at the final
banquet on Saturday night...      Joe Searles, formerly of Joe
Searles TV in Virginia is an Elvis impersonator - and he is
Terrific !!
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Joe Sopko said that, as,
I had a volunteer Audio
man and not through his
fault,  just  the  lack  of
knowledge of my equip-
ment, Joe noticed that I
needed    a    "Roadie".
Let's go for it Joe.

Thank You,
For legibility purpose, this article was transcribed exactly as written in the, Nesda of Ohio's
"The Speaker", a monthly Electronic Servicer's News Letter.  This Article was written by
Joe Sopko with permission granted me, to display it on my Web-site.  
~Joe Searles~
Article written by
Joe Sopko

Dear Joe,
You performed for our
group at the Princess Anne
Country Club three years
ago on Elvis' birthday.
One of the ladies wrote
this poem about you and
published, which I thought
you would like to have.

Marguerite Felt
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Testimonials, Joe Searles
American Trilogy
performed by
Joe Searles
I've never had a client that was not satisfied with my performance and it's normal to
have a rate of less then 1% that will take the time to write a thank you note.
~Joe Searles~
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Hire a professional Elvis Impersonator, Elvis Tribute Artist in Virginia
The "Speaker"  The Voice of Nesda Ohio
Joe Searles performs 2 shows in Nashville, TN Ausust 7, 2010, for the
National Electronics Servicing Dealers Assoc. Convention.
August 7, 2010
August 7, 2010
Joe in Nashville, Tn 8/7/2010 - Click to enlarge
August 7, 2010
Joe Searles In Nashville, TN August 2010 - Click to enlarge
August 7, 2010
August 7, 2010
American Trilogy
December 13, 2011
I just want to say it was a pleasure meeting you and to let you know that you are one of    
the best performers I have had an opportunity to meet.   As a retired professional musician      
I have met and played with Little Anthony, The Duprees, Supremes and many others. You
stand out in the top ranks. I enjoy listening to you and hope to have that distinct pleasure   
for some time to come.

Kudos and Keep It Up!

Ron Solebello, the Jersey Guy     
Ron Solebella in Teen Years
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Joe Searles @ Virginia Bazaar - Click to enlarge