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Elvis Presley
Before and After
Here, I took this B&W photo of Rosemary Clooney and colorized it, as it is not
available in color, and I am self teaching myself photo colorizing and repair.
Joey, Kim and Me
Before and After Photo
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Before and After
This is a 19th Century photo
of my Mother's Father
This friend of mine, Ron Solebello from NJ, sent me
this photo and this is what I did to it.  I may now attempt
to color it.  
Read more about Ron at
Before and After
This photo came from a long time family friend.
I repaired the photo and cleaned it up.
Before and After
A friend asked me if I could put a photo of his father-in-law
in this picture of The Rat Pack, to make him look as if he
was actually there when the photo was taken, as a
Christmas gift for his pool room.
This is the father-in-law
This is the finished photo and
is printable up to 47.8" X 29.8"
This is a photo of an entertainer that I met in 1997 while performing at Virginia
Beach, VA.  This recent photo that I got from her facebook page, she wanted me
to color correct it.  The color correction was easy and I also enlarged the photo
to be printable up to 10.47" X 11.6"
Before and After
Photo Share
This is a 19th Century photo
of my Mother's Mother
Before and After
Rosemary Clooney
Before and After
Before Photo
Before and After Photo
Graduation Photo Restoration
Before & After
Before & After